Volunteer for VancouFur 2016!

If you're interested in volunteering next year, and wish to come to our hiring/firing party, please fill out the volunteer form! You can email Volunteers@vancoufur.ca to get the address. The time is from 5pm-10pm, Saturday, March 28th.

Click here to fill out our 2016 volunteer form.
(If you want to volunteer and arent sure if you can make it, fill out the form anyways! We would love to hear from you! )

Got Feedback for VancouFur 2015?

Do you have any comments, criticisms, commendations for this year's convention? We would love to hear it! Did you find something just didn't happen smoothly as it could have? let us know so we can fix it for next year. Did we do something you thought was great? Let us know so we can do it again! This is your convention, help make it yours!
Click here to leave feedback for VancouFur 2015.